Board of European Students of Technology

Empowered Diversity through Developing Students

The Board of European Students of Technology is a non-profit and non-political organization founded by students from the top technical universities in Europe. Since 1989, we have been strengthening the connection between universities, companies and students, thus supporting the latter in achieving their full professional potential.

We understand that being able to interact with different cultures is an essential quality of a future engineer, therefore we encourage students to broaden their international experience and offer them the opportunity to practice their adaptability to unknown situations. Through its vision, BEST empowers diversity and brings students together under the same goals.

Our mission to develop students has materialized in the shape of various technical and non-technical skills acquired and trained through our events. Events such as courses on technology, engineering competitions and corporate workshops. We provide an environment which stimulates creativity, rewards self-improvement and enriches personal skills, all of these converging into a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the “student – company – university” triangle closer.

Active members of BEST are also attending and organising many other BEST meetings (workshops, trainings, symposiums, general meetings, …) where they gain a lot of knowledge and experience (project management, team work, organising skills, communication).

History of BEST Delft

BEST Delft founded in 2009, at TU Delft, is the only Local BEST Group (LBG) in the Netherlands. However, our relationship between TU Delft stretches far back into the past. In fact, right to its very origins during an event known as ‘International Week’ in Stockholm, Sweden in May 1987, where TU Delft participated.

Although TU Delft maintained links with what was to become BEST, it would take another 20 or so more years and another trip to Stockholm to continue our story. Our recent history starts with three Delft students who went to KTH, Stockholm in 2008 as part of their studies. After joining LBG Stockholm and returning to Delft, they wondered why a BEST group was not established in TU Delft. Eventually, Jasper Eijmers and Michiel Maassen took the initiative to start the process of strengthening the links between TU Delft, students and companies in Delft which, more than 7 years later, is an ever growing student group of BEST providing services to our stakeholders: students, companies and universities.





Ana Helena Caetano


Vice President - Human Resources

Vice President - Fundraising

Alejandro “Ale” Daniel Noel


Vice President - Public Relations

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