Training Weekend Schiedam

BEST is an organisation inspired by change, yet always driven by the same element: BEST members. These are unique individuals who strive to acquire and develop useful skills in order to be effective in the organisation and later on in their future endeavours.

The Training Group’s is the body of BEST responsible for such development of skills. Its mission is to provide adequate coordination between the needs of Local BEST Groups for training and the trainers who are able to satisfy those needs and deliver the required sessions.

In order to improve the coordination, the Local Training Plan (LTP) project was started in Autumn 2014. The goal of this project is to develop a tool that can help the Training Group to collect and analyse data about each Local BEST Group in order to help then identifying their training needs.

Since December 2015, BEST Delft, has participated in this project and it helped to prioritised the set of skills that our members needed to develop. After these were set, different training sessions were organised, which are further explained in the following section.

Training sessions were carried out in two different atmospheres: some of them at TU Delft campus in a classroom and the others during a training weekend in a Scout house in Schiedam.