Summer Local General Assembly

The summer Local General Assembly was the third for our Local BEST Group. The main focus of the event was the introduction of new amendments, the evaluation of the current board’s action plan, and the new board election. The most important amendment was the introduction of a new status: the Frozen status. This status would allow our members going abroad, for a year or less, to be relieved from their duties. When they return they would gain their full-member status again.

After the voting of the amendments, the board year and budget review was held. The current board presented their action plan of 2016/2017 and discussed what they managed to achieve. They gave a lot of useful tips about what LGB Delft should focus on next year and about what, in their opinion, not to do.

After the board presentation the LGA followed with membership changes. During this LGA, we are proud to announce we have gained one new baby member: Daniel Pinto, and five new full members to our group: Ligaya Wopereis, David de Gruijl, Shakthi Prassadh Sridhar, Monika Vu kim and Daniel Pinto. We have also promoted three of our Full Members to alumni: Christopher McGirr, Vicente Frances Molla en Maria Silos Viu. A special thank you goes to them, after their many years of hard work we are proud of what they have achieved in this LBG and we are looking forward to seeing them during our future events.

The next step in our event was the election of IXth Board of LBG Delft.

Board IX of LBG Delft for 2017/2018:

  • President: Ligaya Wopereis
  • Secretary: Natalia Elías Ortega
  • Treasurer: Shakthi Prassadh Sridhar
  • VP External Relations: Jason Wever

With the Board IX of LBG elected, the LGA of BEST Delft came to an end and the celebration of the 8th anniversary of LBG Delft started.