Join us in the IP & OWEE programme 2018!

Are  you interested in BEST Delft, who we are? and what we do??? Just before the academic part of TU Delft starts you will have the opportunity to find out what else the student life in Delft has to offer. We will be a big part of this introduction period!

In this page you can see all the different activities that we will organize during the introduction programme of 2018. Here you will have the chance to find out exactly what kind of people we are and how we can make your study time in Delft, the BEST one!


For international students, we will welcome you as part of the pickup service from schiphol. Ask for BESTies:). 

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The location of each event can be found in the schedule. 

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Market Place:
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Common Room DUWO:
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Cafe de Tobbe:

For some of our events you will need to buy a ticket. This can be done either online here, at our ticket sale, or at the door of the event. Keep in in mind that the event may be sold out at the door. 

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Tuesday 21, Travel cheap workshop:

Sign up form: 

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Wednesday 22 august, cocktail party:

Price: 4 euros including 1 cocktail
Ticket link:

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Thursday 24 august, Language cafe + BBQ:

Price: 5 euros (includes bbq + 2 beers):
Ticket link:

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Saturday 26 august, travel cheap workshop + BBQ: 

sign up form:

BEST weekend  7 - 9 September