A Steel Connections Tree is a structure with didactic purposes, used to analyse and study different kinds of steel connections. It consists of one column with different types of beams around it and the goal is to showcase as many different kinds of connections as possible. The Steel Connection Tree is used in various technological universities around the world to show and test the behaviour of steel connections. 

Introduction to the Competition

The idea of the competition is to invite groups of students from Delft University of Technology to design as creatively as possible their own connection tree. Each team will have to submit a 3D model of the structure. If the students have questions about their technical design or just want expert feedback, companies will be available for consultation. At the end of the day, students submit their proposal and a jury will look into their creations. The winner will be announced and the winning proposal will be made into a real-life structure from scrap by the company, which will then be placed in the Mekelpark.


The first 3 teams will be rewarded financially. Besides, we plan on arranging a company visit for the winning team so they can interact more closely with the company. The steel structure of the winning proposal that will be built by the company will also have the names of the students who designed it – giving the students and TU Delft more recognition.


The students get the rare opportunity to connect with the companies, learn more about the practical aspects of their field and most importantly get to see their vision built into a real-life structure. Also, the steel tree structure of the winning proposal will be built by one of the companies and placed in Mekelpark. This structure will have the names of the winning team, TU Delft logo, BEST logo and a link to the structural calculations of the tree. The link would help in realising the didactic purpose of the tree and further help in promoting TU Delft as a pioneer for technical education, thus encouraging more students to participate in such events and learn more about the university.


The competition will take place in mid September 2021 in De Bouwcampus, next to the Civil Engineering Faculty, if the restrictions allow us. As our members’ and participants’ health is of prime importance to us, we will ensure abiding by all the rules and guidelines communicated by the government while organising the event. This would include the 1.5m distancing, proper sanitation precautions, masks, etc. We are also prepared to organise the event online via Zoom in case of any unforeseen circumstances due to the pandemic. 

More information

For more information please contact any of our representatives – Mihai Filimon and Hector Ruiz (,, or