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BEST Courses last 10 – 15 days and are a great chance to discover a new field or delve into a known one while exploring an incredible European city! The topics offered have a wide range, spanning from the art of cooking pasta to robot programming, management or economy. Food and accommodation are covered by a maximum fee of 60€ and you can get recognized up to 1 ECTS of your study plan!

Steps to your first

BEST Course

Go to the list of events and choose your preferred event.
You can find the list of events here.
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NB: In case you do not have a BEST account yet, just register and fill in this form, so we can validate your account.
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Make sure you have everything arranged. This includes having cross-checked that you have handed in the application, paid the deposit, read the survival guide, arranged transportation, arranged a VISA if required, packed your luggage, and catch your flight/train/bus.

Never Alone Guide

Enjoy the BEST course as much as possible. It will be a busy intense time in which you will learn new things in all different aspects. If there are any course fees/bills, do not forget to pay them 

Once you are done with the course, please evaluate it online. It will not take long and provides the organisers with valuable feedback. Also, tell your friends about courses and feel free to share pictures and videos.


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Spring Course 2017

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