EBEC Case Study 2020


Beer is the fifth most consumed beverage in the world, besides tea, carbonates, milk and coffee. The brewing industry, however, is rather energy- and resource intensive, and addressing this is not always a priority.

There are many barriers for increasing sustainability within the sector drastically. Often, if there is no urgent crisis pushing brewing companies towards these solutions, priority is on scale expansion and profit maximization. While increasing energy efficiency can cut costs, wastewater treatment and other measures might not necessarily result in immediate profit increase. A lack of awareness, together with financial and investment barriers, causes big companies to continue ‘business as usual’.

One of the biggest brewers in the world, wants to open a new factory in the Netherlands. He needs a group of consultants, to specifically address the issue of sustainability, and the solutions can be completely diverse.


Team La Federacion won the local round and has qualified to the regional round – EBEC Benelux. They tried to find improvement points in all the stages of production, focusing on the reusability of the generated waste.

BEST Delft and the jury of EBEC 2020 congratulates all the participants and wishes them all the best!