EBEC Team Design 2019


Leren Doen is an initiative from The Hague that offers vulnerable young people and early school graduates a development process aimed at further education and connection to the labor market. Young people, who find it difficult to achieve their full potential in regular education, receive professional training to become a bicycle mechanic supplemented with various training courses in skills and personal development.


Given the industry of our partners, the participants had to build their own special indoor bicycle out of smaller pieces provided in the workshop, where the rider has to sit at a height of 140 cm.

The best idea will be awarded a free bicycle and 50% vouchers to the other members of the team for their selections.


Team Civil Exchangers & Lekker Studio won the local round and has qualified to the regional round – EBEC Benelux.

BEST Delft and the jury of EBEC 2019 congratulates all the participants and wishes them all the best!


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