Rabobank Work-Life Balance Training Seminar – 14/10/2019

Everyone talks about the importance of achieving the elusive work/life balance. Too often, you hear stories of overwhelmed students that overload themselves with too much work. We recognize this problem. Therefore, we have invited Rabobank to come and teach us about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. At this workshop, you will learn how to ideally split your time and energy between work and other important aspects of your life.

The training will take place on Monday 14th of October from 16:00 – 19:00. It has been organized as a collaboration between BEST Delft and X!Delft Students. The event is only open to Master's Students. Dinner and drinks will be included!

Every participant needs to be enrolled in a Master's program, to sign up with the X!Delft Students organization (//students.xdelft.nl/signup/), and to register for the event on their website. Excited to balance your life with us? Sign up with the link below! Open positions are first come first serve.

Time: 16:00 – 19:00

Location:  Technology Room - Pulse Building - TU Delft