Regional Meeting ENSTA ParisTech

From the 19th to the 22nd of October four delegates, an extra, our Raven and a department delegate from BEST Delft went to Paris for the weekend. The main purpose of this event was to prepare the PM delegate for the upcoming GM.

Of course, this event was also a great opportunity to meet other besties and learn from each other and get to know more about the organisation. Therefore, a BKT rally was organised, many trainings were giving in the morning, followed by workshops sessions in the afternoon, discussions group a night and a LBG time after diner. A summary of the day and LBG presentations were giving during diner, which means that they didn’t leave us time to even breath.

In the end, all the brave Besties from Delft worked for 23,5hours in 2 days and somehow manage to find the time to party like really Besties from Delft and have a great time.