Spring Course 2015

Each year, the Local BEST Group in Delft organizes a week-long study program which showcases some of the research done at TU Delft, each year a different topic.
During the Spring Course organized by BEST Delft, 22 students from technical universities around Europe and with various backgrounds visited Delft for 9 days. During these days they participated in a programme, which had as a central theme the “Rocket Technology”. We as BEST Delft believe that, during this short course, it is not only important to develop the participants’ technological skills, but also invest in their practical knowledge. Therefore the activities of this course are grouped under the following headings: Technical Development, Practical Work, Getting-to-know the Netherlands, Delft and Delft University of Technology, and Social Events. Each type of activity is of different nature and thus has different kind of goal.
The study load of this course is 1 ECTS, giving the course participants the opportunity for their abroad experience to be recognized by their home universities.

The course named ‘It’s not Rocket Science: come, launch out of the Blue!’ placed its area of focus on a successful rocket launch and design. Academic activities were provided in order for the students to learn how to approach this challenge from a practical point of view. The participants were given freedom in designing rocket parts as well as choosing the materials. In order to understand the science behind it, lectures were provided by Professors of TU Delft. This stimulated the students to think critically about their project. Working in international teams allowed for our guests to appreciate different points of view and working methods.