Spring Course 2017

This year as well, BEST Delft organised a one-week course on a technological topic, from 30th April to 8th May. For Spring Course 2017, named Blowin’ in the wind, 24 participants from all over Europe (and Canada!) had the chance on learning about Wind Energy at TU Delft.

The course has been offered in collaboration with EWEM, the European Wind Energy Master, which offers a unique Master Programme involving four universities in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Norway. The participants attended lectures at TU Delft, where they also had the opportunity to visit the Wind Tunnel facilities, the company KitePower and Yes! Delft. On the last day of the course, the participants visited EWT, leading Dutch company in the field of small-scale wind turbines and plants repowering. TU Delft Universiteitsfonds contributed as well to make the course come true.

The participants, which only paid a small fee of no more than 36 euros for the whole course, had also the chance to join some social activities and explore the Dutch culture. The traditional city rally of Delft has been matched with the Liberation day celebration in Haarlem in a unique intense day. In the weekend, the participants had the opportunity to relax the course organisers and enjoy the nature and the beaches of Beverwijk. A proper ending for another great week with BEST Delft!