Spring Course 2018

In May this year, BEST Delft held it's yearly Spring Course. The course name 'Global Swarming, A robotic revolution' was about the topic swarm robotics. From the 29th of April until the 7th of May, 24 participants from all over Europe, Canada and even South America came to Delft. 

As part of the programme, participants had lectures about the swarming technology, drones, swarm behaviour in nature and visited laboratories from the university. Throughout the week they also had workshops were they programmed their own robots in groups. The week ended with a challenge where the robot's had to find a chip in a room filled with obstacles as quickly as possible. 

They also got the opportunity to learn about the current developments in the robotics industry thanks to Robovalleywho gave our participants a tour and informed them about current companies.  During the course, our participants got a great impression of the Delft student life with a tour around our campus and through the dream hall, where they got a lunch lecture from the dream team 'Project March'. 

All this would not have been possible without the help of all the lecturers the TU Delft Robotics Institute, the TU Delft University Fund and Red Bull. Special thanks to our main lecturer dr. Ir. C.J.M. Verhoeven. 

We finished the week with a relaxed weekend trip at an accommodation at a beautiful lake near Amsterdam. Here the participants could relax from the week of hard work and get their last taste of Dutch culture before our spring course came to an end. Since liberation day was in that weekend they got the opportunity to visit the liberation festival in Haarlem. The course was an amazing experience for all of the participants and we’re looking forward to seeing them somewhere in Europe!